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Release Date: 5 Jul. 2017 Version 7.9

With a redesigned content management system, easy-to-use and useful new features, even faster loading times, complete theme customization options, and full multilanguage support, PHP Pro Bid V7.8 is the most reliable multi market solution. All that, plus a dedicated customer support team.


Release Date: 5 Jul. 2017

  • New caching plugin introduced (routes & queries) – 3 adapters included: table, files and apc. Will vastly improve load times and reduce server load.
  • Revamped layouts to improve both desktop but notably mobile device display
  • Added Lazy load plugin with admin control
  • Added Adult Categories module with admin control per category and custom age verification page
  • Enhanced Shipping Carriers to introduce support for item dimension
  • Added an updated mobile header menu
  • Added a Search icon to the search field to avoid having to click on the search button further down the page
  • Added an update header menu with icons to replace text
  • Enhanced newsletter subscription so that visitors can subscribe without having to register for an account
  • Fixed issue whereby erroneous force store text was displayed to users who had not been assigned selling capabilities (when the “private site” feature is enabled)
  • Fixed issue whereby the checkout confirmation page was incorrectly refreshed when selecting a state from the dropdown list
  • Fixed issue with editing scheduled auctions and the ending auctions time limit setting
  • Last IP address used by users upon logging in is available in the Users Management page in the Admin Control Panel
  • Updated the Print version of the listing details page in order to print all data in tabs and removed any non relevant information from the print version
  • Fixed issue with first category in the listing setup categories selector was not selectable when using Safari on iPhone
  • Fixed issue whereby when having enabled user verification as well as using the "Full" signup method, the user details were not retained if opting to become verified from a bid confirmation page
  • Updated default registration DOB to use null rather than 0000-00-00
  • Fixed issue relating to US currency format and editing amounts
  • Updated to use the localizednumeric field + filter + validator for each currency related form field
  • Fixed issue whereby users who added a "Favorite Store" and received email notification when the store owner listed a draft item
  • Fixed issue whereby when responding to an "Abuse Report" in admin you were redirected back to the login page
  • Updated date display format example text in admin
  • Fixed issues in relation to the feedback whereby the "To" column displayed incorrectly when selecting "From Buyer [Seller]"
  • Updated shipping so that postage is applied if the buyer is from a different location (affects auctions only) and the buyer does not select a shipping location/method on the bid confirmation page (relevant solely to location based shipping)
  • Added boostrap and fontawesome cdn to email template, this vastly improves the emails style (notably) sale notification email)
  • Fixed issue whereby if pickup is enabled on an item and the buyer's location is not accepted by the seller, only the pickup option will now be available
  • Added updated language widget that has the dropdown – and disable if a single language is available
  • Fixed error relating to the stock levels validator
  • Updated store links from the store browse page
  • Added additional check for existing postage on listing/sale objections
  • Fixed issue with blocker user checker
  • Updated store disablement in admin so that it no longer resets the subscription expiration date
  • Improved AbstractService / prepareSaveData to enhance searching
  • Updated module.config.php, navigation.xml and suchlike so that mod installation/updating is made easier
  • Added "Leave Feedback" button under sold items
  • Fixed issue with unlimited durations and relisted items
  • Updated Admin category management so that user store categories are now separate
  • Fixed issue with manually suspended users and items being re-listed
  • (FS#354) Suspended Account Message Box
  • (FS#355) Some listing problems
  • (FS#357) Bid Status Incorrectly Displayed in the Members Area
  • (FS#368) Very long subtitles!
  • (FS#373) Member since date format


Software Framework JavaScript
Software version PHP 7.x, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x
Files Included JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
High Resolution YES

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