5 Reasons Why To Choose PrestaShop For Your Next Ecommerce Website

5 Reasons Why To Choose PrestaShop For Your Next Ecommerce Website

1. Easy to Use Admin Panel

If you’ve ever used another e-commerce CMS system before, you may have encountered some difficulty using its admin panel. Most CSM systems require users to get past long learning curves to master the admin panel. These learning curves can hinder the process of creating a web-based store. Worst of all, simply because a user masters the admin panel doesn’t mean that the admin panel becomes easy to use. The admin panels of most CSM systems tend to be cluttered with different features and disorganized.


Fortunately, the admin panel of PrestaShop will be easy for you to use from the very beginning. Unlike its competitors, PrestaShop offers an admin panel that is incredibly user-friendly, leading to a much shorter learning curve. Even though the admin panel has many different features, these features are organized very logically to allow easy access and navigation. Whether you’re making your 1st web-based store or your 20th, you will find the admin panel of PrestaShop very easy to use.



2. Easy on the Servers

Unlike most other CMS systems, PrestaShop is not very taxing on web server resources. If you need your web-based store to run smoothly but don’t necessarily have the money to invest in advanced web server resources, you should consider PrestaShop rather than Magento and other web-based stores. In fact, in order to ensure web-based stores perform well, PrestaShop has a page indexing feature built in their platform. A web-based store that never experiences issues and performs fast will gain the trust of many customers. On the other hand, if your e-Commerce website is known for being very sluggish, you can be sure that potential customers will resort to e-Commerce websites other than your own.




3. Great Community Support

If you know you’re going to need help creating your web-based store on your own, you should consider PrestaShop instead of other CMS systems. In fact, PrestaShop is the best choice for you if you don’t need help, yet you value community support. This e-Commerce development platform boosts a huge community in the form of a very active forum. In fact, not only will you find avid PrestaShop users, but you will also find professional developers and designers. You will find many users who will be more than willing to take the time out of their day to help you and offer you excellent ideas. There is no shortage of ideas and support on this excellent community support platform.



4. Open-Source CMS

If you happen to be on a very tight budget, you should definitely consider PrestaShop. This e-Commerce is free and open-source. This means you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on e-Commerce store development. The amount of money you save can go towards other things, such as a digital marketing campaign.


Open-source refers to a platform that creates readily accessible code. Once you develop your web-based store, you or anyone else can use, copy, edit, or redistribute the code without limitations. This means that you’re aren’t locked in by a CMS system. If you want to switch from PrestaShop for whatever reason, you can take your code with you without any issues. The same cannot be said when it comes to proprietary CMS systems. Unfortunately, when it comes to proprietary CMS systems, you’re stuck with the company for the long haul unless you’re willing to essentially start from scratch with another company, which tends to be a costly and time-consuming process.



5. SEO-Friendly

Yet another advantage of PrestaShop is that it is very SEO-friendly. This is incredibly important if you hope to rely on organic traffic for your customers. In fact, your goal should be to rely on organic traffic from search engines like Google to attract most of your customers. This makes a web-based store that can be SEO-optimized a need rather than a want.


There are hundreds of thousands of different e-Commerce websites on the Internet. Unfortunately, simply offering quality products at an unbeatable price is not enough to attract many customers nowadays. You also need to have the search engines on your side if you want to be seen and noticed by your target audience. This makes search engine optimization inevitable for most web-based store owners. Fortunately, PrestaShop realizes the usefulness of SEO and has incorporated features into their CMS system to make SEO easy. For example, you will have no issues changing the the URL, title, meta-title, and other SEO-related aspects of a page.




There are literally hundreds of CMS systems that business owners can choose from to make their web-based store. Especially if you happen to be a beginner when it comes to developing web-based stores, this variety can make it very difficult for you to make a decision. Of all the CMS systems, PrestaShop is consistently referred to as one of the best out there. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose PrestaShop for your e-Commerce website rather than other CMS systems. If you select PrestaShop’s platform to create your e-Commerce website, you won’t be sorry.