Moving To 4 Free Files Of The Week

Moving To 4 Free Files Of The Week

Once a month we used to have a Free File of the Month. You could then download one file for free and use it with the rights of a regular license.

This has been a great success and these items have been getting a lot of traffic.

In the meantime a lot of authors contributed by submitted their files to be offered as free files. Actually there were so many great contributions, most of them wouldn’t ever get a chance to be listed.  Because of this we have decided to switch from 1 ‘free file of the month ‘ to ‘4 free files of the week’!

This means every week all PremTheme members are able to enjoy 4 new free files. The free files will be released on Monday 0:00 CET.

We would like to thank all the awesome authors who have contributed their items and have made this possible!

Your can find the free files section here: